Mom:I wish I was as pretty as you when I was your age!
    Parents Friends:How many boys do you have chasing after you now?
    Grandparents:Look at our beautiful granddaughter! How many hearts have you broken this week?
    School:Someone touch it with a stick so we know it doesn't bite.

So there’s this really amazing guy in my life right now and guess what?? We’re trying to have a baby! I can’t wait! I want to spend forever with him. He’s so sweet and loving and his son is just so freaking adorable. I love them both to death! I can’t wait to start my little family


I went on a Bethyl binge last night. I watched the important episodes, the corresponding “Talking Dead” episodes, and all the behind episodes online. The way the cast talks about it and all the hints dropped in the episodes make me 100000% confident that this ship is happening!